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Exploring Vickie’s Journey: From a Tennis Player to a Physical Therapist

Today we’re excited to introduce you to Vickie Krasnoshek. She is our physical therapist in the Farmington office who seamlessly blends her love for tennis with her profession. With a childhood immersed in tennis since the age of four, Vickie’s love for the sport runs deep. 

Vickie’s Journey from a tennis player to a physical therapist

“I played in a New Haven Challenger to try and score a wildcard to the US Open qualifiers back in 2008 and 2009. I also competed on the ITF Circuit alongside the top juniors in the world in 2010-2011. In my first international tournament in Burlington, Canada in 2010 I managed to win three qualifying rounds and two main draw rounds. That was huge for me because I was just a teenager training with guys in the local park and being coached by my parents, I wasn’t an academy player by any means. It taught me I had what it takes to dig deep and win tough battles; something that translated beyond tennis into a life lesson.” Vickie recalls fondly.

“Tennis was my life’s pursuit, but after college, I chose to blend my interest in medicine with my love for sports. Physical therapy seemed like a perfect choice because you can appreciate the human body and what it’s capable of, guide a patient’s progress with your skillset, and help them get back to a more fulfilling, pain-free life. I want my patients to know that as long as you stay committed to your healing process, you can overcome anything!”  

As a seasoned tennis player and now a physical therapist, Vickie is acutely aware of the prevalent injuries within the tennis community—tennis elbow, jumper’s knee, lower back pain, shoulder impingement, and rotator cuff tendinitis, to name a few. “I would love to work with local tennis communities and provide specialized services such as injury prevention screenings and tailored strength and conditioning programs designed specifically for tennis players.” 

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Helping one patient at a time

Vickie’s career highlights extend beyond the court, finding fulfillment in the impact she’s had on her patients’ lives. She recalls a particularly memorable experience with a patient who sought rehabilitation after a total knee replacement surgery.

“His determination and trust in me were palpable from day one. Within just 4-6 weeks, he walked without crutches or a cane and had minimal symptoms, which is ahead of the usual recovery timeline,” Vickie reflects. “It’s this kind of patient relationship that I cherish the most—the sense of care and trust we cultivate.” 

“There’s a lack of public awareness regarding the comprehensive care physical therapists can provide for musculoskeletal conditions,” Vickie emphasizes. “I understand that it’s easy to seek out quick fixes like painkillers or try to ‘wish the pain away’. But it is so important to address the root cause of pain through physical therapy and have long-term benefits. Just like how patients will go to their primary care physicians for common illnesses and medical conditions, I want to be that go-to physical therapist for this community here and help them go back to the life they love.” 

Are you an avid tennis player experiencing nagging injuries? Or are you simply seeking expert guidance to enhance your overall mobility and strength? Vickie is here in Farmington, CT to support you on your journey. Don’t let pain or discomfort hold you back any longer—schedule an appointment with Vickie today