Advanced Physical Therapy’s Sports Medicine Program Provides Complete Care for Injured Athletes. The Sports Medicine Team includes certified athletic trainers, physical therapists, and physicians all who have specialized training and expertise in prevention, evaluation, and management of sports related injuries. The team provides a comprehensive plan involving the athlete, parents, and coaches to return the athlete back to play as quickly and safely as possible while preventing further injury.

Rehab like the pros. Let physical therapy give you the competitive edge needed to return to play. Advanced Physical Therapy uses similar rehab protocols as professional sports teams. Whether you are a high level athlete or a weekend warrior, we will get you back in the game as quickly and safely as possible.

Physical Therapy Can Reduce the Athlete’s Risk of Injury by 41%. (AJSM)

Advanced Physical Therapy provides daily coverage at Wolcott High School and Woodland Regional High School.  The athletic training staff is available in the Wolcott office daily for routine injury examination, consultation, and concussion assessment. This service is free to any of our local high school athletes.

Our Athletic Trainers make Advanced Physical Therapy’s rehabilitation programs unique.  They provide bio-mechanical video analysis of an athlete’s form during sport play as well as a sport specific training programs on our turf field.  Athletes can run on our indoor field, pitch from our indoor pitcher’s mound, or hit golf balls all while being analyzed with slow motion video equipment to look for any flaws or signs that may be leading to physical breakdown and inefficient sport play.  The video analysis can also be used to provide visual feedback to many general orthopedic patients on form and technique with exercise as well as daily functional activities.

Throughout the year, Advanced Physical Therapy offers off-season and pre-season training for athletes as well as injury prevention seminars in both a group and on an individual basis.  Please contact Advanced Physical Therapy for more information.