Advanced Physical Therapy provides the most advanced functional testing available with a state of the art BTE EvalTech computerized testing system.  Specific testing available includes Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE’s), Return-to-Work (RTW) assessments, Occupational Disability Evals, and Physical Job Demands Analysis.

The BTE EvalTech computerized testing system provides an objective, reliable, and legally defensible documentation measurement of function following injury or disability. Initiated early in the lost time claim, the FCE can establish and document the residual capacity of the employee post injury and compare the post injury function to the physical demand requirements of the job. In addition, the FCE detail can be used to identify and target specific physiological deficit areas, which can be beneficial to the treating provider on medical treatment direction and intervention. Paired with the TherAudit process, the FCE plays a critical role in the case and claims management of individuals who have time away from work or require valid documentation of residual function.

Advanced Physical Therapy’s BTE EvalTech System sets a higher standard in functional capacity evaluation testing and injured worker assessment and management. Contact us today for further information or to schedule an appointment.